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EmbarqueSoft is software designed for Shipping Companies. With the ability to help you manage the daily processes more efficiently and better your customer service.

Customer Billing, Collection System, Package Tracking System, Warehouse Organization, Keep offices and warehouses, Access from anywhere in the world through the Internet

EmbarqueSoft has 2 versions: EmbarqueSoft Pro y EmbarqueSoft Lite

EmbarqueSoft PRO

A system designed for the needs of shippers progressives. With the following available modules:

  • Client Organization.
  • Billing Services.
  • Insurance Billing.
  • Customer Support System.
  • Maintain 2 Offices and 2 stores.
  • Easy installation, without additional costs of infrastructure and the ability to connect from anywhere in the world.

EmbarqueSoft LITE

EmbarqueSoft Lite is an application designed by TecnologiaSoft especially for shipping companies that are starting in the business and understand the importance of organization, despite not having the large volumes of an old company or the experience, this software will let you to have access to supervision and management of your activities, leading to sustained development of productivity. The following modules are available:

  • Client Billing.
  • Collection System.
  • Maintenance of 2 offices.
  • Air-Billing.
  • Maritima Billing.
  • Vehicules Billing.
  • Better control of your store.

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